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Does Content Suffer from the 3-Click Rule?

Stop Counting Clicks And how much of that choice is driven by this old rule that we don’t want extra clicks to get to our content.  Once they open the guide, that’s it, right? Fast, Easy Clicks Trump the 3-Click … Continue reading

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Sustainable Content and Why It’s Important

Today’s content strategy thought of the day brought to you by mbloomstien and her recent presentation on Creation, Curation, and the Ethics of Content Strategy (slides) . She quotes from  Erin Kissane’s new book, The Elements of Content Strategy : … Continue reading

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Crafting Good Document Titles

Document titles have to cover a lot – from the features and/or products covered, to optimizing search relevancy, and if in a downloadable format – helping the user find that document on their desktop three months from now. Issues to … Continue reading

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XML and the Proliferation of Bad Writing

DITA XML reuse is a godsend to busy writers trying to keep ahead of the information deluge they are responsible for.  If Jane wrote a topic to cover the benefits of SpiffyNewProduct in her datasheet, then Dave can reuse that … Continue reading

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Content Strategy Linkfest

These are some of the great articles posted recently on content strategy. While some are focused on marketing content strategy, much of the information is also applicable to technical communicators. Read and enjoy! Modular Documentation Case Study Develop Content Management … Continue reading

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Content Evangelistas!

Welcome to our Content Evangelists blog. We’re a dedicated group of information developers, content strategists, and writer malcontents looking to share our thoughts, experiences, and content strategy lessons learned as they related to complex technical products and support information.

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