Modifying Your Content based on Web Analytics

Rick Allen has an excellent article up on this topic. You wanna read the full thing, but highlights I especially enjoyed include:

  • Search terms – going beyond the terms that link to your content, what other related search terms are there out there that you are missing out on.  One client  insisted on using their product name everywhere to try to build out their brand. Great idea, but the search terms show customers weren’t searching for their specific product name, they were searching on the underlying technology (video conferencing). By not associating that important keyword with their product, the company was missing out on the vast majority of search referrals. Lost opportunity for sure.
  • When your content works and when it doesn’t – using metrics like time on page etc, can give an indication of when your content is useful (longer on-page times) and when it’s skimmed and ignored.
  • Prioritizing content updates – This one I’ve done myself. Web analytics clearly showed the most important topics our customers were going to again and again. Those topics went through a major overhaul to ensure they were clearly written, relevant to the customer base, and accurate.
There’s a ton more in the article so go read the original for sure! And peruse the related slideshare presentation from CS Forum 2012.

About Sandra Durham

Information architect and content strategist.
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