Another Interesting Take on the Mobile User (and content assumptions)

From Myths of the Mobile Context , Mobile users:

  • Expect as good an experience as the desktop
  • May be looking for that quick snippet, but many times are looking for the full content. Plan accordingly.
  • Don’t randomly remove content – keep the core content available on Mobile (tho need to reconsider navigation etc for smaller screen).
  • Extra clicks to get to content is okay, so long as it is leading to the right direction. Make decisions obvious.
  • Serve the same content to all devices, but optimize experience for the device capabilities
  • Apply Minimalist principles to ALL your content. Will vastly improve user experience, no matter how it’s accessed.
  • Enhance content with metadata (helps drive the right styles to the right platforms)
  • Don’t repeat print constraints for all devices. Print will become the minority platform of the future!

Futher reading:

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About Sandra Durham

Information architect and content strategist.
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