Putting Activities First in Instructional Design

This 6 minute video says it all.  

Rather than take the info info info then exercise approach to instructional design, the video makes the case of the alternate approach :

  1. What’s the goal?
  2. What allows the user/student to achieve that goal (what is the behavioral change required)?
  3. What activities/exercises get them to that change?
  4. What is the ‘bare bones‘ information do they need to understand to do the activities etc.

Emphasis here on bare bones as that leads directly into our need to focus on minimalism in our content. Say what you need to say, say it with as few words as possible, and more importantly, LEAVE OUT all the fluff, all the background, the history lessons, etc etc that are not necessary to understand how to do what you need to do to get the job done.

The video itself is clever as it covers the topic and: 

  • stays short
  • demonstrates its ideas by example
  • throws in a bit of humor to keep it engaging.

Anyway, thought it was fun and worth sharing.


About Sandra Durham

Information architect and content strategist.
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