Providing Learning Resources at the Moment of Need

I admit… I am a Bob&Con groupie at this point.  But these two have great resources on understanding and applying learning resources at the ‘moment of need’.

In this short (7minute) video, they go over how a user is looking for information ‘at the moment of apply’… at the moment they are trying to do something and forgot or don’t know how.    This is a critical piece for performance support – the ability to give 2-3 click access to the information I need, when I need it, and most importantly, ONLY what I need (where knowledge in context joins minimalism).   Also critical in this approach is providing the deeper dive, so the learner has the option to delve deeper to find related information that can help them understand beyond the 3-click step by step detail (all enabled through intelligent content principles so the ‘brokered’ information is fed  to the user based on metadata).

I’ll be looking for ways to apply these principles to my own work.

In the meanwhile… watch…learn.. and you too can be a #bob&conGroupie

(and yeah, thinking the embedded video someone else created but I get to blog about.. .also slick).


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Information architect and content strategist.
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