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Much Ado About Minimalism

Or perhaps that title should be Little Ado about Minimalism? For those of us in the content creation world, we’ve been hearing and dealing with minimalism for years now.  We all know we should do it, but what gets in … Continue reading

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Providing Learning Resources at the Moment of Need

I admit… I am a Bob&Con groupie at this point.  But these two have great resources on understanding and applying learning resources at the ‘moment of need’. In this short (7minute) video, they go over how a user is looking … Continue reading

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Putting Activities First in Instructional Design

This 6 minute video says it all.   Rather than take the info info info then exercise approach to instructional design, the video makes the case of the alternate approach : What’s the goal? What allows the user/student to achieve that goal … Continue reading

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Resources on Instructional Design and Cultural Diversity

This has been a bee in my bonnet for a few months now. When we created educational resources online, we are hoping they will be useful to a global audience, but can we really achieve that without any extra effort … Continue reading

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Improving Knowledge Retention in eLearning

Improving Knowledge Retention in eLearning A kind gnome pass this knowledge retention link to me (yeah, Ima gonna pay for that gnome comment! 🙂 It’s worth a full read but the highlights on how we can use those retention ideas to improve … Continue reading

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Demonstrating the power of EPUB3 for Interactive Elearning

You’ll have to download the ereader, then grab the EPUB3 Unleashed ebook.   It’s worth clicking through the whole demo, as it shows a lot of options that become available in epub3.  What’s exciting from an elearning and interactive enhanced ebook perspective includes: … Continue reading

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Another Interesting Take on the Mobile User (and content assumptions)

From Myths of the Mobile Context , Mobile users: Expect as good an experience as the desktop May be looking for that quick snippet, but many times are looking for the full content. Plan accordingly. Don’t randomly remove content – keep the … Continue reading

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Mobile First as a Content Strategy

  This is is being presented at this year’s DevLearn 2011 conference: Content Strategy Across Connected Devices  Interesting highlights: Content developers’ goal – create an engaging educational experience for screens that are convenient, not simply converting existing content to smaller … Continue reading

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Modifying Your Content based on Web Analytics

Rick Allen has an excellent article up on this topic. You wanna read the full thing, but highlights I especially enjoyed include: Search terms – going beyond the terms that link to your content, what other related search terms are … Continue reading

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